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Quit Dieting

Why do 95% of people who go on a diet end up gaining back more than they lost? Because they thought their weight was the problem. Rather than focusing on THEM, they focused on IT (the number on the scale). Here’s a quick quiz to see if you are focus... read more

One Year Anniversary

Oh what a day this was one year ago… Sep 1 was our first day at the new studio and something I had dreamed of for nearly 10years. Although we didn’t even have our Occupancy Permit yet, so we did everything on the sidewalk.    If you are new ... read more

$77 for 30 Days Boot Camp

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME “ME” TIME? ARE YOU WILLING TO MAKE THE TIME? Are you too busy taking care of everyone else? Has dropping the kids at school, running errands, cooking dinner, working and taking care of the house kept you from taking car... read more

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