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$77 for 30 Days Boot Camp

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME “ME” TIME? ARE YOU WILLING TO MAKE THE TIME? Are you too busy taking care of everyone else? Has dropping the kids at school, running errands, cooking dinner, working and taking care of the house kept you from taking car... read more

Anything Good Is Hard

It’s true you know, anything worth anything in life is going to be hard. That’s what makes is so special. Seems like every day at our new GTS studio (as we try to complete construction and prepare for our September 1st opening) something, some... read more

Dreams Come True

DREAMS COME TRUE The dream, that has been 10 yrs in the making… If you’ve been looking for a place to call home and somewhere that you feel welcome, cared for and inspired is coming your way. September 1st will be opening day for the new GTS personal ... read more

Dreams Come True Part 1

I can not spill the beans just yet… but BIG Changes are happening at Gritton’s Training System. Next Friday I will announce exactly what is going on, how it will be revolutionary in Fayette County, and how you can be apart of it. Until then ou... read more

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Flash Sale: In the next 24 hours we are discounting our 6 week Muscle Project program by $100 AND adding 2 weeks FREE! This program is designed for men who want to step up their game and get acquainted with traditional lifting techniques to build muscle, shed unwanted weight, and power up that golf swing. Offer expires Monday night at 8pm! Program is 6 (8) weeks long with classes on Tues/Thurs at 5am and on Sat at 8am with flexibility to visit our other session times for flexible scheduling. Lifting begins June 20th ... See MoreSee Less

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