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Nutritional Seminar

Hi Everyone, My coaches and I have been talking about some of our strengths and weaknesses as a company so that we can improve and assist each of you in reaching your health and fitness goals.  One of the common areas in which we felt like we could impro... read more


I was sitting in church yesterday and thought to myself, “dang its hot in here”… I know, I know I should have been concentrating on the sermon but it was really hot and so I started to look around the auditorium and how crowded it was. Y... read more

Turkey Buster

For all our active clients, please register for our Turkey Buster Workout here. Remember, we moved the location to World Gym parking lot off of HWY 74. We start at 8:00am. Just put your name down and if you have any friends or family coming have them regi... read more

Top 10 Books and Movies

Has anyone ever asked you to list your “Top 10 Books and Movies“? Nobody had ever asked me to do that until two weeks ago when I was at a conference. One of my favorite speakers and coaches, Dan John, spoke on a couple of really cool topics an... read more

Find the Joy in Fitness

As many of you know I was away for nearly a week on a business trip and then a little family vacation. Between these two trips I did a couple of things and never gave a second thought to them until last night as I lie in bed tossing and turning for some o... read more


I was sitting here thinking about how excited I was to have a day off on Memorial Day and immediately started thinking about cooking out on the grill and how summer is nearly on us. If you are like myself and most other “good ol” boys grilling... read more

Turkey Cutlet Salad

Here is a great Muscle Building recipe I recently found in a magazine. Usually in the magazines the fat or carbohydrates are through the roof making the high protein almost worthless, but this one is high in protein. Really high actually… For anyone... read more

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