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There is a Secret

Sometimes, there really are secrets… This is one of those times and one of those secrets. The secret, that most women have been lied to about.  The secret to losing weight, gaining strength and confidence and getting stronger is to EAT. EAT carbs, ... read more

Have a Team

Nobody does anything truly amazing without teams. That includes getting in shape, losing weight and STAYING healthy and strong. Having a strong team isn’t just about sports and it’s not reserved for the business world either. I’ve always... read more


“I pick things up, I put them down”… If you’ve never seen the Planet Fitness commercial where the huge meat head guy answers all questions with this phrase, be sure to look it up. It’s hilarious. This week I’m going to ... read more

Rearview Mirror

This Weeks Thought: The Rear-View Mirror On a car a Rearview Mirror is really important, in life and when you are trying to make a change it’s one of the most crippling causes of failure. Often times when presented with an opportunity or new program... read more

Routine vs Extra Sleep

Let me tell you a little story about a man named Jed, the poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed… then one day he was shooting at some food… Anyone know the rest of the song? When my family moved from the back woods of eastern Kentucky to... read more

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