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Emergency Meal Kebabs

We’ve all done it…  busy day at work, school projects, after school activities, doctor appointments, errands. Last thing on your mind was making a wholesome dinner and you opted for something quick and easy that maybe doesn’t fit into y... read more

Green Protein Smoothie Recipe

For you smoothie drinkers out there, here is a green smoothie for you that will make a great recovery shake or a replacement for those Shamrock Shakes – this one is much better for you and gives you protein to keep you full. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:2]

Protein Pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes on the weekend, right?  Me too.  What I don’t love is the abundance of carbs that go along with it. What a way to derail your efforts. But we should be able to enjoy things like this once in a while. So here is a way to do ... read more

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