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Blueberry Key Lime Smoothie

Getting tired of your post workout smoothie? Here’s a fresh take on a protein smoothie that will get you excited about them again.  Not everyone is a smoothie style person, I get that.  But this is also a great recipe to use for kids ice pops (or ... read more

Cucumber Feta Salsa Recipe

It’s creeping up on summer time when we gather for barbecues and dinners outside with friends and family.  Lots of times that means heavy potato salads and creamy dips with your summer favorites.  This is a tried and true recipe I have made for ye... read more

Barbecued Chicken & “Zoodles”

Zoodles? What? Before you run away, I want to tell you about zoodles. They are my new favorite thing. I found a recipe online that called for zoodles and went on an investigation because if there’s a healthy way to get around using pasta, I’m ... read more

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