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Kathy’s Family Salmon Cake Recipe

I grew up eating these salmon cakes for dinner quite often.  A family recipe I have slightly modified and am now sharing with you!  A delicious favorite! Substituting almond flour for breadcrumbs keeps the carbs low and still keeps these light and packe... read more

Protein Packed Guacamole

I found a method for upping the protein, fiber and nutrient content of guacamole and had to try it.  Avocados are high in healthy fats and vitamin B-6, but cut with high fiber, high protein peas, this recipe is delicious and a little more balanced. I fin... read more

Tuna “Ceviche”

There are so many fantastic recipes on the Internet to try out that I very rarely make up my own (why re-invent the wheel?). So when I saw this recipe I had to test it out for GTS.  It’s mid-summer, it’s broiling outside and the last thing an... read more

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