Routine vs Extra Sleep

Let me tell you a little story about a man named Jed, the poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed… then one day he was shooting at some food… Anyone know the rest of the song? When my family moved from the back woods of eastern Kentucky to Augusta Georgia, I swear I heard that theme song when we pulled out of the driveway. In case you don’t recognize it, it’s the theme song from Beverly Hillbillies.

It’s totally random I know, but I wanted to tell you a story and it popped in my head 🙂

So here’s the story;

Yesterday, morning my normal early morning athlete (who is an absolute superstar at McIntosh) that is 16 and actually gets up before school to come train with me, was heading out of town to visit a prospective college.

So, that meant I got to sleep in a bit.

I was so excited, but then I got to thinking about my schedule. Normally I see her, have about 30 minutes to read, pray and practice what is called Miracle Morning then I see Sue Zeller for her private torture session then immediately go for a tempo run.

It’s become my routine, and is working really well.

Since I was sleeping in, I decided to ask Sue to meet me later in the morning when the studio was clear of classes.

That meant, I got to see the kids off to school, complete my morning ritual and then it hit me… I’m off schedule. I’ll see Sue at 10:30, then I have a consultation and a couple of meetings then have to get my brakes worked on before heading out of town. Then I got to see another one of my favorite people, Patti Kadkhodaian for coffee.

I was supposed to be breaking in my new trail shoes before an 8k trail race this weekend and my big 50mile hike next week on the Appalachian Trail. But I don’t want to run at 3pm, it’s supposed to be 90 degrees. Arghh…

Can you see how easy it is to miss or skip a workout (or something important) when you don’t follow your schedule?

What started as excitement on getting to sleep in, turned to a little chaos as I tried to figure out WHEN I would get this important run in.

That’s why Routines and Schedules are SO important when exercising. Without it, life can take over, things come up and before you know it it’s evening time and all you want to do is relax after a long and busy day.

A few extra zzz’s may seem exciting, but as it pertains to workout success it can be a HUGE obstacle.

I know everyone doesn’t have set schedules for work every single day and week, but try your best to stick with a time each day that is dedicated to YOUR workouts.

Hope you have an amazing weekend, filled with lots of outdoor activities.

Your Coach


P.S. Yes, I did get my run in 🙂

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