Quit Dieting

Why do 95% of people who go on a diet end up gaining back more than they lost?

Because they thought their weight was the problem.

Rather than focusing on THEM, they focused on IT (the number on the scale).

Here’s a quick quiz to see if you are focusing on IT, rather than YOU.

  1. Do you weigh-in more than once per week?
  2. Are you often times happy or sad, based on a number on the scale?
  3. In the past month, have you ever said… “I feel strong today”? If you say NO, count that as a YES in the totals below.
  4. Do you keep several “sets of clothes” in your closet? (ie… skinny clothes, normal and fat clothes)
  5. You often refer to yourself as fat or overweight (non verbal and or outloud)?

If you answered YES to at least 3 of the above, you might need to re-evaluate what you focus your attention on.

My assumption is that you did, so here is a little tip to help you shift your goals to YOU instead of IT.

Tip #1 – Gratitude of Power: Pick two body-parts that you feel are an attribute and either say them out loud or write them down every day! (Such as, I’ve got really great calves or I feel like my core is really strong)

Tip #2 – Shift your goal setting to a Habit Goal instead of a Weight Goal. Something specific like, 2 extra 30 minute cardio sessions each week.

Tip #3 – Put the scale away and ONLY get on it once per week, in the morning, just to check progress rather than obsessing everyday and night about IT.

I know these are relatively Small changes, but that’s what makes them do-able. I also think it makes them something you can fit into your life without doing any kind of crash or fad diets that are doomed to the 95% failure rate.

Over the past decade, the vast majority of my clients who have taken this approach are the ones who have those dramatic life changes. Some are amazing body transformations and others are more mental shifts in thinking and confidence.

Here is a perfect example from a former client:
“Well, I want to share how much your staff and you have inspired me and helped me get back on track with exercise and healthy living.

Although I was not able to continue with the 5am boot camp, i am currently training for my first 5k run (with the C25K app) in November, and I’m continuing to lose weight and eat healty. I’m in my third week of training and am excited and anxious at the same time. :-%

It was your generosity and encouragement that made me want to push myself and believe that I could do more. Thanks again for helping me get back on track”

It’s not always about dropping a bunch of weight or getting back into your skinny jeans (guys, I know y’all have them too).
Wishing you an amazing day!

Your Coach


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