One Year Anniversary

Oh what a day this was one year ago… Sep 1 was our first day at the new studio and something I had dreamed of for nearly 10years. Although we didn’t even have our Occupancy Permit yet, so we did everything on the sidewalk.


If you are new to the GTS family you are probably not aware of HOW we got here.

I wanted to share this amazing journey (to show my thanks and to hopefully inspire you)

Every single night for 10 years I would go to a place I called the Theatre of my Mind
and I would visualize my studio. All the way down to the colors on the walls, the natural
light flowing in the windows, the kind of people who would be in class and the quality of
the leaders (coaches) I had in place.

Over those 9+ years I came close multiple times, including having a second space in
conjunction with one of the local gym owners. That was doomed to failure by my own
mistakes during the negotiation period.

Closed it after 16 months, drained my life savings, downsized and got very very humble.

The home office was a folding white table and DIAL-UP internet. I kid you not, we live
out in the country and satellite was out of our budget so we actually had DIAL-UP
internet until about 4 years ago!

Throughout all this, I held the dream really close to my heart not sharing any details with anyone, but every
night I continued with this visualization.

Then the good Lord blessed me with the RIGHT coaches and leaders to take my business
to the next level. Kathy, Jodi and Molly (Kim was already in place and being a wonderful instructor).

So a year or so later I began the process of trying to leave my shared space at this gym, only to run into
road block after road block.

After a year of diligent visualization, saving every penny possible (which is hard for someone with
a shoe addiction…yes, I have over 50 pair) and continued to battle for a legal exit from my place of employment.

BUT, I knew the time was right and I knew that we would find a way. So we left, scared/excited and
pumped for this next chapter in the GTS journey.

After the decision was made and only having 6 weeks to turn this dump of a space into what it is today,
was going to take around the clock dedication. I’ll never forget the conversation Kathy and I had
2-weeks before we were officially supposed to open.

Kathy – “boss… there’s a hole in the back slab, the air isn’t on, the floor isn’t down, we have no permits
and it smells awful in here, are you sure we are going to be able to open?”

Me – Oh, we WILL open Sep 1st

Kathy – as only a woman could do, a slight smirk and an “OKAY Boss”…

Whether it was fate, my amazing clients and coaches taking time off from work and away from their families
or the big man looking out for me… We did it!!!!!!!!

All I can really say is,


Thank you to everyone who has made this past year truly something special.

Thank you especially to:

  1. Our amazing clients, some who have been with me for over 8 years!
  2. GTS staff (including our newest star, Ruthie Brown) who held together through all the struggles
  3. Those clients who came and helped build this place throughout those 6 weeks of renovation.


  1. My wife, Brandy, for trusting me and believing in my dream (even though there had been multiple failures in the past)
  2. My personal coach Camelia, who has taught me so much
  3. All our new clients to join the GTS family, my dream was to make a bigger impact on our community and that is YOU

From the bottom of my heart I want to say, THANK YOU to everyone who has enabled this dream to become a reality.

More amazing things to come in year two, I hope to share the journey with many continued friends and clients
as well as a host of new relationships.

My main goal for this email is Gratitude, but I also want to make sure you know that Dreams do come true
if you NEVER GIVE UP on them!

Whatever your dream is, fight through the failures, the struggles, the humbling events and hold tight to what
you really want. This studio, the GTS Home, is a living breathing testament to Dreams becoming Real.

Here’s to your dreams and thank you again.


Current GTS clients, just a reminder that we are closed Monday.

Also for current clients, be READY… We’ve got a Celebration Workout and Snacks planned for next week!

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