Gritton’s Training System in Peachtree City, GA: A Fascinating Origin Story

IMG_9776 IMG_9774Have you ever had one of those “a-ha” moments in life? I had one back in 2007 one morning while having coffee with my wife Brandy. At the time I had been managing health clubs for several years, but really missed the relationships I had while serving as an assistant basketball coach at my alma-mater Atlanta Christian College.

While I enjoyed assisting large numbers of people who were members of the gym, what I desired was a more meaningful and deeper impact on peoples lives. So I decided to become certified as a trainer and in one years time I, somehow, managed to accomplish managing the gym, launching my personal training business, training for and completing a full Ironman triathlon and having my second child with Brandy. And didn’t lose my wife in the process!

In the beginning I thought I wanted to only work with athletes of some kind, but quickly realized the need for personal trainers who viewed their clients as friends, while still providing a professional environment of accountability and guidance.

After only a few months I realized that my passion was To Inspire People to Do the Things That Inspire Them. Losing a few pounds means a lot more than just a number on a scale, nothing motivates me more than to see a client join Gritton’s Training System, begin to lose weight, get stronger and to think; “What else could I do?” and before they know it they are running marathons, completing major hikes and triathlons and in general carrying themselves with more confidence than they’ve had in years.

When I made the decision to leave the larger gym where we had been for 7+ years the outpouring of clients volunteering their time to help build our studio was amazing. Many clients (and coaches) where by my side into the wee hours of the morning to make sure we opened on time and the facility was as special as I had always dreamed of.

Then in an absolutely humbling, generous and fantastic show of love my clients secretly pooled extra money together to purchase an incredible sound system for our facility. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars were raised and my heart was touched more than I can possibly describe in the letter. That is the reason I started GTS and why I want to share that love with our Peachtree City community.

That is why I started Gritton’s Training System and that is why my greatest passion is provide the very highest quality personal trainers in Peachtree City, GA so that our community is inspired to do more things that inspire them.

In Your Health;
Jeremy Gritton

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