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Our young athlete training program is designed to enhance performance in your athletes chosen sport. Whether it is to achieve college scholarship level or just boost their confidence and performance, Fast Twitch will give them the strength, power and mental focus to conquer on the court, the field, and in life. Help Your child have more success on and off the field, earn more playing time and move closer to receiving a College Scholarship!  Looking for...

  • Young Athletes ages 11-18
  • Someone who needs more power, speed and agility for their specific sport
  • A highly motivated athlete looking to work hard
  • Anyone looking for knowledgeable coaching on safety and mental training

What: Small Groups of 5 or 6 athletes only. 

When: Mon and Wed at 4:30pm or 5:30pm and Sat's at 9:15am

How Long: 10 and 20 sessions punch-cards are available to be used over 6 or 12 weeks (excluding weeks where the school are out, ie... Thanksgiving, Christmas Week, Spring Break, etc)

How Much: $297 or payments of $277 for the 20 sessions package. (all first time athletes have a one time $97 Assessment Fee) This is Jeremy's one on one time for proper analysis of your athletes abilities, needs and goals to determine if Fast Twitch is the right program.

To inquire about spots available, EMAIL KARI:

This is what parents are saying about the program:

“I research everything before making an important decision. 7 years ago I put a tremendous amount of time trying to find the “right” training for my daughter. I wanted someone who understood sports, college athletes, sport specific training methods, and the right personality to suit her.    

My research was never better. I nailed it with Jeremy Gritton. Not only did he deliver on his abilities, but his personality resonated with my daughter immediately. He understood all the proper mental angles and physical training necessary. Jeremy’s approach with my daughter Cassidy was from a position of care and concern, mixed with tenacity and grit, and topped off with intellect, humor, and empathy. He made it a point to understand my daughter’s mental state of mind before any session, any season. He has been one of the greatest influences in Cassidy’s life. Jeremy’s mindset will remain with Cassidy until her career is over in sports, but will carry over for her life.”

- Mike Williams 

Rebecca Muh's father said this after she pitched a PERFECT GAME: “This is thanks to training, training and more training… It’s 95 degrees out. We are playing our 5th game within 15 hours. We draw Miami and they are a pretty talented team. They were a little light on "pitchers" but bats were solid. Rex was hot, tired and worn out. I asked her to dig deep and told her this is why you train with Coach Jeremy. She delivered an old man sitting on a bucket and calling pitches his dream. Thank you Jeremy Gritton for your dedication to your craft and training these bodies and minds. You had a 14 year old physically prepared to perform when others failed. She performed perfectly.”

- Steven Muh 


  • What if my child is only 11, should he or she be lifting weights? The answer is NO for 11 and 12 years of age we focus on speed, footwork, agility and power through things like bodyweight movements, flipping tires, etc.  Anyone under the age of 13 (and sometimes older) is still rapidly growing and should NOT be lifting a lot of weights.
  • What if my child isn't a gifted athlete but just wants to make the team or earn more playing time?  Our program isn't just for the elite. We WANT to help each athlete reach their full potential, whatever that is for them.  It's not necessarily about being the next Steph Cury or Cam Newton - it's about helping them improve mentally and physically.
  • What happens if we go through the initial assessment and determine Fast Twitch isn't appropriate for my child?  Jeremy will either recommend another coach or trainer he trusts in the area, or make recommendations for other possible options available.

​Courtney was not a college level athlete. She didn’t start on her high school basketball team. Courtney also wasn’t mentally tough in sports because her self image temporarily put a lid on her max performance. She just wanted to make the most of her potential which ranged from proper sleep, to breaking down self imposed barriers, to eating right, to strength gains, to regimented training. Those were all things that were more in her control. Courtney went on to have a successful high school basketball career in the relative sense. Her stat line was not filled with rebounds, points, or assists. Jeremy was able to nurture the one thing she had more than anyone else………courage.

- Athlete Parent 

This statement from Cassidy's father is why GTS offers and is so passionate about Fast Twitch, even more so than reaching athletic goals its about the relationship with your child and making a positive impact in their lives:

He has been one of the greatest influences in Cassidy's life.

Mike Williams

To inquire about available spots, contact to enroll.

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