Dream Big. Start Small. Be Ridiculously Faithful.

As you know, I’ve been training like never before for a Navy Seal inspired
program in early October. The program, called SEALFIT, is like hell week for

Week one, I was so pumped up and excited I could hardly sleep as I thought
about my new routine (and yes, a little fear as well).

Week two, I’m still excited because I’m learning so many new things.

Week three, WOW… this is getting hard. Can I really do this?

Week four (last week), there were two days that I completely did NOT want
to do my workouts. I did them, but the decision was getting harder.

This weekend (before week five) I read a book that re-inspired me and reminded me
that the big goal of completing SEALFIT is SEXY and exciting. The small things of
daily workouts, yoga, eating a gazillion calories of lean healthy foods are NOT SEXY.

Here is the quote, that I hope will stick to your ribs like it did mine.

Dream Big. Start Small. Be Ridiculously Faithful.

It’s easy to set a goal like; “I’m going to lose 40 pounds”.

That’s the Dream Big portion.

The harder, not so sexy, part is the starting small. Something such as, this first
week I am going to stop eating at 6pm. No snacks or treats after dinner.

The even more challenging part, the LEAST SEXY part, is being ridiculously

The book I referred to earlier is called “Chop Wood, Carry Water” by Joshua Medcalf
and the concept is to fall in love with the process/journey of becoming great.

I want to encourage you today, Dream big… go ahead… make a big scary goal.

BUT then, start small and be ridiculously faithful to the process. Those small things
are the ones that add up.

Everyone thinks that greatness (or a great physique) is sexy, it’s not… it’s hard dirty work
that must be completed consistently.

Just focus on what you can control and don’t worry about the end result.

Your Coach


If you have not heard, we are starting a YOUTH program here at GTS. We are offering a
free trial session on Wednesday Sep 7th. 6-9yrs old at 3:45 and 10-13yrs old at 4:15.

If you have interest in this small group EMAIL ME to RSVP the complimentary workout.

Programs goal is developing Strength (both physical and mental), Flexibility, and Mobility
through fun and challenging activities. 6-9 is more Games and Skill Based and 10-13yrs old will be
slightly more focused on helping develop a foundation for athletes.

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