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Kari T. – Lost over 50lbs and continues to work hard daily!


Just listen to what Brett has to say about his first 3 months at GTS!

“Mommy - who is that?”

“That’s me.”

“That’s not you, Mommy.”

Not anymore. Looking back at photos with my children I sometimes don’t even recognize myself.

Just over a year ago, my family and I moved to Peachtree City for my husbands’ job. We had moved many times in many years and every time I always told myself - this is my chance to start fresh - and always had good intentions but never the knowledge, support or accountability to make it happen. Until now!

One of my oldest and dearest friends just happened to be living here and the day we rolled up to her house I was astonished. She looked healthier and happier than I could ever remember. She became my inspiration, my mentor and my AHA! Moment. She also just happened to be a coach with GTS! Thanks to Jodi Fritz I was introduced to a whole new lifestyle! I had tried it all before - but until I found the GTS family I had never found success.

My journey is ongoing and I continue to food journal, exercise and hope to inspire my family and friends – let them know they too can be their healthiest and happiest. My husband just began his journey with GTS and I couldn’t be more proud. As for my kids, my oldest is about to run his second 5k and my youngest - while her friends Barbies are going to the mall, my daughters Barbie is going to Mr. Jeremy’s studio to work out!

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