Our clients results speak for themselves.

GTS has been an amazing addition to my Ironman training

Kettlebell ClientClient Amy Layo is a repeat Ironman finisher and competes every year to obtain her personal best. Despite the arduous schedule of training for a race of that magnitude, plus a full time traveling job, Amy fits in regular Kettlebell classes with GTS to enhance her core power and make herself a better and stronger athlete.

“I have gained so much strength and stability in the past few months, I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner! GTS has been an amazing addition to my Ironman training.”

Her dedication is so strong that even on a day where GTS was closed for Memorial Day observations – she got in her kettlebell workout pool side.

A big thank you to you guys for what you do!

So, I went to the eye doctor today and while checking out I gave the lady my credit card and ID. She looked at my ID and said, “that is not you.” I said, “yeah, it’s me….about 30 pounds ago!”. We sat and talked about what I have been doing and at the end of the conversation she said, “ You have been an inspiration to me today. Keep up the good work.” It made me smile. A big thank you to you guys at [Grittons Training System] for what you do!!!!!

Brandi Davenport