Our clients results speak for themselves.

Being a Slave to the Scale

Are you a slave to your scale? Do you make decisions about food, exercise and even the clothes you wear based on ONE number you see each morning?

Over the past 10 years I’ve had dozens, if not hundreds, of clients that allowed a single number to determine their outlook for the day.

I’m here to tell you it’s got to stop and it CAN! With THREE simple steps.

Step #1 – Move the scale out of the bathroom so you don’t look at it every morning. You will be surprised at how impactful this can be.  See Pam’s story about moving the scale and making this shift and becoming so much happier (and healthier I might add) because of it.

“Random… but mac moved the scale in my bathroom yesterday. I had moved it out over a year ago because I used to be a SLAVE to the scale. Like would weigh myself EVERY morning first thing. Then after I peed. Then after dinner. And many times throughout the day. For YEARS!!! Half a pound gain would make me lose my mind. Half a pound loss would validate me. Anything over 125lbs would Shut. Me. Down. I’d skip meals to get back under. My goal was under 120…. always stay under 120. At one point in college I weighed 105… and I was proud.  So proud. To the point where I wanted them to change it on my drivers license so it was documented. Today I stepped on the scale just because it was there and saw this and was like “cool whatever” and stepped back off. For the first time in my life I give zero F—‘s about what the scale says. Zero. Because I kick ass in class. Because I keep a decent pace running. Because I make the best food choices I can without being a slave to tracking. My validation doesn’t come from a number on a scale anymore and to me that is HUGE. But I know it’s because of the confidence and validation I get in class and in what y’all have shown me I’m capable of… “


Step #2 – Think about yourself in terms of being strong rather than being skinny. I’m not talking about being strong like Arnold or strong like The Rock, but strong mentally and physically. Strong enough to get down on the floor and play with your grandkids, strong enough to walk 18 holes and still have the energy to be engaged with your family at the end of the day.

Step #3 – Hire a coach who will challenge you in more ways than losing 10lbs, someone who will see your full potential and won’t accept you selling yourself short anymore. But they also see where you are at right now in your journey and can lock arms with you every-step of the way. A coach, a mentor, a friend.

These three action steps will free you of the chains of slavery to the scale. Listen to me… you know when your body is changing and it has nothing to do with a digital reading on some machine that sits on the floor. Your clothes and your energy tell you more than a $20 machine you bought at Wal-Mart.

Look at the three steps above, #1 should be simple but #2 usually occurs after you’ve completed #3. If you are looking for a coach to meet you where you’re at in your journey and then take you to where you want to be Email Kari for your free consultation. Its on the house, and your chance to see if GTS is the right place and has the coaches to help you break free!

Be STRONG my friends.

Coach Jeremy

P.S. If you are not on the Monday STRONG Emails, Email Kari and she can add you to this list.

Ruthie Crushed Her Goals in Record Time


“I have always ‘lived to eat’.  Through Gritton’s Training System I have learned to FUEL my body.   I am fitter than I have ever been.  I love being a part of the GTS family. To be around other fitness enthusiasts who encourage you and push you to be better is awesome. With Jeremy’s nutrition coaching and specific training style,  I was able to lose 10 lbs and go from 24% body fat to 17% in just three months. Amazing results but an even bigger blessing to be on this fitness journey with terrific people. Thanks GTS!”

Jim Slattery’s Success


Jim Slattery, current GTS client shared this with us recently.  He trains with us 2-3 days a week and runs doing intervals and some distance.  Jim has lost 48lbs with GTS and counting! Always up for a challenge, Jim is dedicated to his workouts and his strength has grown while his waistline shrunk! Way to go JIM! We are so proud of you and your efforts are inspiring! Thank you for sharing your health journey with us!

Small Steps Towards Success

Gail FoxGail came to us earlier this year wanting to lose a little weight and build strength.  It has been such a joy to watch her incredible success.  In a relatively short amount of time she lost 16lbs and 10% of her body fat, and continues to get stronger every day.

Gail religiously attends her sessions, follows her nutrition plan and makes time to train for events like an upcoming sprint triathlon.  And you wouldn’t be hard pressed to find her outside spreading mulch, weeding gardens or landscaping.  Life puts demands and stress on all of us, it’s us who have to make time to accomplish our goals.  And it’s ok to recognize that you need a coach or a trainer to get you there.

Gail constantly strives for improvement and helps us all laugh along the way.  Love you Gail!



Accountability and Encouragement = Progress

DebbieFor some people, they pick a goal and just go get it done  For others, we need the support of others to help get us there.  Both methods work, but figuring out what you need to get to your goal is essential. Recognizing what you need to be successful is the primary step in conquering an obstacle.  Whether it’s a weight loss goal or training for an athletic event…we sometimes need someone to show us the way and keep us accountable.

Our client Debbie is a great example of that! She has made amazing changes, gotten so much stronger physically and has lost over 13 lbs with in her words, “Accountability and Encouragement!” Debbie is no slacker.. she drives into Atlanta when it’s still dark three times a week to give her time to an amazing group called Back on My Feet, an organization that uses running to help those experiencing homelessness change how they see themselves, inspire self confidence and purpose, encouraging positive life change.  So clearly, Debbie doesn’t lack motivation and commitment. Debbie needed accountability and encouragement to help her keep moving forward.

“Thank you, thank you! You all have blessed me with your support in doing the right thing with my nutrition and exercise.  GTS is so encouraging .. My high school class reunion is this summer, so I am excited to be returning as a healthier me! Accountability and direction are everything!”