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Routine vs Extra Sleep

Let me tell you a little story about a man named Jed, the poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed… then one day he was shooting at some food… Anyone know the rest of the song? When my family moved from the back woods of eastern Kentucky to Augusta Georgia, I swear I heard that theme song when we pulled out of the driveway. In case you don’t recognize it, it’s the theme song from Beverly Hillbillies.

It’s totally random I know, but I wanted to tell you a story and it popped in my head ūüôā

So here’s the story;

Yesterday, morning my normal early morning athlete (who is an absolute superstar at McIntosh) that is 16 and actually gets up before school to come train with me, was heading out of town to visit a prospective college.

So, that meant I got to sleep in a bit.

I was so excited, but then I got to thinking about my schedule. Normally I see her, have about 30 minutes to read, pray and practice what is called Miracle Morning then I see Sue Zeller for her private torture session then immediately go for a tempo run.

It’s become my routine, and is working really well.

Since I was sleeping in, I decided to ask Sue to meet me later in the morning when the studio was clear of classes.

That meant, I got to see the kids off to school, complete my morning ritual and then it hit me… I’m off schedule. I’ll see Sue at 10:30, then I have a consultation and a couple of meetings then have to get my brakes worked on before heading out of town. Then I got to see another one of my favorite people, Patti Kadkhodaian for coffee.

I was supposed to be breaking in my new trail shoes before an 8k trail race this weekend and my big 50mile hike next week on the Appalachian Trail. But I don’t want to run at 3pm, it’s supposed to be 90 degrees. Arghh…

Can you see how easy it is to miss or skip a workout (or something important) when you don’t follow your schedule?

What started as excitement on getting to sleep in, turned to a little chaos as I tried to figure out WHEN I would get this important run in.

That’s why Routines and Schedules are SO important when exercising. Without it, life can take over, things come up and before you know it it’s evening time and all you want to do is relax after a long and busy day.

A few extra zzz’s may seem exciting, but as it pertains to workout success it can be a HUGE obstacle.

I know everyone doesn’t have set schedules for work every single day and week, but try your best to stick with a time each day that is dedicated to YOUR workouts.

Hope you have an amazing weekend, filled with lots of outdoor activities.

Your Coach


P.S. Yes, I did get my run in ūüôā

Quit Dieting

Why do 95% of people who go on a diet end up gaining back more than they lost?

Because they thought their weight was the problem.

Rather than focusing on THEM, they focused on IT (the number on the scale).

Here’s a quick quiz to see if you are focusing on IT, rather than YOU.

  1. Do you weigh-in more than once per week?
  2. Are you often times happy or sad, based on a number on the scale?
  3. In the past month, have you ever said… “I feel strong today”? If you say NO, count that as a YES in the totals below.
  4. Do you keep several “sets of clothes” in your closet? (ie… skinny clothes, normal and fat clothes)
  5. You often refer to yourself as fat or overweight (non verbal and or outloud)?

If you answered YES to at least 3 of the above, you might need to re-evaluate what you focus your attention on.

My assumption is that you did, so here is a little tip to help you shift your goals to YOU instead of IT.

Tip #1 – Gratitude of Power: Pick two body-parts that you feel are an attribute and either say them out loud or write them down every day! (Such as, I’ve got really great calves or I feel like my core is really strong)

Tip #2 – Shift your goal setting to a Habit Goal instead of a Weight Goal. Something specific like, 2 extra 30 minute cardio sessions each week.

Tip #3 – Put the scale away and ONLY get on it once per week, in the morning, just to check progress rather than obsessing everyday and night about IT.

I know these are relatively Small changes, but that’s what makes them do-able. I also think it makes them something you can fit into your life without doing any kind of crash or fad diets that are doomed to the 95% failure rate.

Over the past decade, the vast majority of my clients who have taken this approach are the ones who have those dramatic life changes. Some are amazing body transformations and others are more mental shifts in thinking and confidence.

Here is a perfect example from a former client:
“Well, I want to share how much your staff and you have inspired me and helped me get back on track with exercise and healthy living.

Although I was not able to continue with the 5am boot camp, i am currently training for my first 5k run (with the C25K app) in November, and I’m continuing to lose weight and eat healty. I’m in my third week of training and am excited and anxious at the same time. :-%

It was your generosity and encouragement that made me want to push myself and believe that I could do more. Thanks again for helping me get back on track”

It’s not always about dropping a bunch of weight or getting back into your skinny jeans (guys, I know y’all have them too).
Wishing you an amazing day!

Your Coach


One Year Anniversary

Oh what a day this was one year ago… Sep 1 was our first day at the new studio and something I had dreamed of for nearly 10years. Although we didn’t even have our Occupancy Permit yet, so we did everything on the sidewalk.


If you are new to the GTS family you are probably not aware of HOW we got here.

I wanted to share this amazing journey (to show my thanks and to hopefully inspire you)

Every single night for 10 years I would go to a place I called the Theatre of my Mind
and I would visualize my studio. All the way down to the colors on the walls, the natural
light flowing in the windows, the kind of people who would be in class and the quality of
the leaders (coaches) I had in place.

Over those 9+ years I came close multiple times, including having a second space in
conjunction with one of the local gym owners. That was doomed to failure by my own
mistakes during the negotiation period.

Closed it after 16 months, drained my life savings, downsized and got very very humble.

The home office was a folding white table and DIAL-UP internet. I kid you not, we live
out in the country and satellite was out of our budget so we actually had DIAL-UP
internet until about 4 years ago!

Throughout all this, I held the dream really close to my heart not sharing any details with anyone, but every
night I continued with this visualization.

Then the good Lord blessed me with the RIGHT coaches and leaders to take my business
to the next level. Kathy, Jodi and Molly (Kim was already in place and being a wonderful instructor).

So a year or so later I began the process of trying to leave my shared space at this gym, only to run into
road block after road block.

After a year of diligent visualization, saving every penny possible (which is hard for someone with
a shoe addiction…yes, I have over 50 pair) and continued to battle for a legal exit from my place of employment.

BUT, I knew the time was right and I knew that we would find a way. So we left, scared/excited and
pumped for this next chapter in the GTS journey.

After the decision was made and only having 6 weeks to turn this dump of a space into what it is today,
was going to take around the clock dedication. I’ll never forget the conversation Kathy and I had
2-weeks before we were officially supposed to open.

Kathy – “boss… there’s a hole in the back slab, the air isn’t on, the floor isn’t down, we have no permits
and it smells awful in here, are you sure we are going to be able to open?”

Me – Oh, we WILL open Sep 1st

Kathy – as only a woman could do, a slight smirk and an “OKAY Boss”…

Whether it was fate, my amazing clients and coaches taking time off from work and away from their families
or the big man looking out for me… We did it!!!!!!!!

All I can really say is,


Thank you to everyone who has made this past year truly something special.

Thank you especially to:

  1. Our amazing clients, some who have been with me for over 8 years!
  2. GTS staff (including our newest star, Ruthie Brown) who held together through all the struggles
  3. Those clients who came and helped build this place throughout those 6 weeks of renovation.


  1. My wife, Brandy, for trusting me and believing in my dream (even though there had been multiple failures in the past)
  2. My personal coach Camelia, who has taught me so much
  3. All our new clients to join the GTS family, my dream was to make a bigger impact on our community and that is YOU

From the bottom of my heart I want to say, THANK YOU to everyone who has enabled this dream to become a reality.

More amazing things to come in year two, I hope to share the journey with many continued friends and clients
as well as a host of new relationships.

My main goal for this email is Gratitude, but I also want to make sure you know that Dreams do come true
if you NEVER GIVE UP on them!

Whatever your dream is, fight through the failures, the struggles, the humbling events and hold tight to what
you really want. This studio, the GTS Home, is a living breathing testament to Dreams becoming Real.

Here’s to your dreams and thank you again.


Current GTS clients, just a reminder that we are closed Monday.

Also for current clients, be READY… We’ve got a Celebration Workout and Snacks planned for next week!

Dream Big. Start Small. Be Ridiculously Faithful.

As you know, I’ve been training like never before for a Navy Seal inspired
program in early October. The program, called SEALFIT, is like hell week for

Week one, I was so pumped up and excited I could hardly sleep as I thought
about my new routine (and yes, a little fear as well).

Week two, I’m still excited because I’m learning so many new things.

Week three, WOW… this is getting hard. Can I really do this?

Week four (last week), there were two days that I completely did NOT want
to do my workouts. I did them, but the decision was getting harder.

This weekend (before week five) I read a book that re-inspired me and reminded me
that the big goal of completing SEALFIT is SEXY and exciting. The small things of
daily workouts, yoga, eating a gazillion calories of lean healthy foods are NOT SEXY.

Here is the quote, that I hope will stick to your ribs like it did mine.

Dream Big. Start Small. Be Ridiculously Faithful.

It’s easy to set a goal like; “I’m going to lose 40 pounds”.

That’s the Dream Big portion.

The harder, not so sexy, part is the starting small. Something such as, this first
week I am going to stop eating at 6pm. No snacks or treats after dinner.

The even more challenging part, the LEAST SEXY part, is being ridiculously

The book I referred to earlier is called “Chop Wood, Carry Water” by Joshua Medcalf
and the concept is to fall in love with the process/journey of becoming great.

I want to encourage you today, Dream big… go ahead… make a big scary goal.

BUT then, start small and be ridiculously faithful to the process. Those small things
are the ones that add up.

Everyone thinks that greatness (or a great physique) is sexy, it’s not… it’s hard dirty work
that must be completed consistently.

Just focus on what you can control and don’t worry about the end result.

Your Coach


If you have not heard, we are starting a YOUTH program here at GTS. We are offering a
free trial session on Wednesday Sep 7th. 6-9yrs old at 3:45 and 10-13yrs old at 4:15.

If you have interest in this small group EMAIL ME to RSVP the complimentary workout.

Programs goal is developing Strength (both physical and mental), Flexibility, and Mobility
through fun and challenging activities. 6-9 is more Games and Skill Based and 10-13yrs old will be
slightly more focused on helping develop a foundation for athletes.

How To Double Your Weight Loss and Keep It Off For Good

groupphotoThere is a secret that most personal trainers don’t want you to know. ¬†That doing this one thing will not only help you lose the weight you want to lose without strenuous or relentless exercising. It is so powerful that if you do nothing else, this one thing will help you really FINALLY get the weight off and change your body for the better, and it will be more permanent weight loss than you could ever achieve with other fad diets.

We push this method on all of our clients and don’t keep it a secret. ¬†Why? Because if you really want results, it is guaranteed to help you get them. Have you ever really been faced with the reality of what you eat every day? Really truly looked at it, written down on a piece of paper? Chances are you haven’t and most of us don’t really want to! It’s a little tedious at first but I guarantee you it’s the single most powerful thing you can do for your health and wellness.

A study done by Kaiser Permanente in 2008 took a group of individuals and put the entire group on the same nutrition plan. Half of that group food journaled. The other half did not. ¬†Wouldn’t you know it, the group that food journaled not only lost weight, they lost DOUBLE the average amount of the non-journaling group. Not only that, they kept the weight OFF long term.

sausage, sweet potato and kale soupFood journaling might sound like a pain in the neck but if you want to live the rest of your life on a diet, instead of learning how to eat and live without dieting – this is the way forward! Whether you do it for yourself or with a coach, making yourself accountable makes a huge difference. ¬†It isn’t a quick fix but can be turned into something that’s maintainable and manageable – all while enjoying your life at your pace.

Ask our latest clients….

  • Joe V just did a 10 day 5 visit punchcard style program with us and lost 6.4lbs and 4.5 inches off his body.
  • Mike H just started and lost 11lbs in his first month with GTS.
  • Steve M lost 11 pounds in his first month with GTS.

What will you do? Close this page and forget about it. Or take advantage of what we are about to offer.  Our Holiday Punchcard Program starts THIS WEEK.  Your punchcard gains you access to classes but also to the unmatched knowledge of a team of trained coaches. Nutrition coaching, food journal review and accountability are all included in this package deal! Just like our long term clients.

Here is our limited time Holiday Punchcard Program: (Offer ends Nov 16th!)

  1. 10 Visits for just $147
  2. 15 Visits for just $197

The sessions can be used anytime between now and December 21st and here are
all the available time slots:

  • Mon, Wed, Fri: 5:45am, 7am, 7:45am, 9:45am
  • Tue and Thur: 8:15am, 5pm, 5:45pm

Tons of schedule flexibility and more accountability than ever before. Including a private coaching session for nutrition, food journal review, weigh-ins and measurements, phone calls from my Success Goals Coach and of course the entire GTS support group.

If ever you were contemplating needing support in your weight loss journey, this is such an amazing opportunity without having to committ to long term coaching.

Be sure to register before the deadline, Friday Nove 16th: Register Here