Accountability and Encouragement = Progress

DebbieFor some people, they pick a goal and just go get it done  For others, we need the support of others to help get us there.  Both methods work, but figuring out what you need to get to your goal is essential. Recognizing what you need to be successful is the primary step in conquering an obstacle.  Whether it’s a weight loss goal or training for an athletic event…we sometimes need someone to show us the way and keep us accountable.

Our client Debbie is a great example of that! She has made amazing changes, gotten so much stronger physically and has lost over 13 lbs with in her words, “Accountability and Encouragement!” Debbie is no slacker.. she drives into Atlanta when it’s still dark three times a week to give her time to an amazing group called Back on My Feet, an organization that uses running to help those experiencing homelessness change how they see themselves, inspire self confidence and purpose, encouraging positive life change.  So clearly, Debbie doesn’t lack motivation and commitment. Debbie needed accountability and encouragement to help her keep moving forward.

“Thank you, thank you! You all have blessed me with your support in doing the right thing with my nutrition and exercise.  GTS is so encouraging .. My high school class reunion is this summer, so I am excited to be returning as a healthier me! Accountability and direction are everything!”

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