5 Ways Gritton’s Training System is Different and Better than other Personal Training in Peachtree City, Georgia

There are 5 important ways Gritton’s Training System stands apart from the other personal trainers. These five things make Gritton’s Training System different and better than any other personal trainer in Peachtree City;

    1. The nutritional coaching for each individual person. This detailed approach allows our coaches to provide real life feedback based on lifestyle, schedule, tastes, likes and dislikes. Every person has a different metabolism and different demand on their schedule so this approach ensures we work through the obstacles together.
    2. A fun workout environment. We believe that laughter and fun themed workouts will engage the mind and not only pass the time more quickly but create that feeling of excitement each time you come to train with us.
    3. The care from all of our coaches. We dig deep into each clients goals, because we want to knowthe WHY for when you train with us. It also affords us the opportunity to get to know you on a deeper level and understand the importance of your goals.
    4. A safe training environment where we focus on slowing down and doing the exercises the right,way. We don’t care about how fast you can complete your reps, but rather the effectiveness of the reps you complete. We believe that you should be efficient in your training time because of all life demands on your time and this proper form approach allows us to get you in and get you on with your day.
    5. The biggest key to what separates us from all the other trainers in Peachtree City is the fact that we are a complete system. We are going to give you a system, containing what every day should look like when you are with us, when it’s your off day, or when life throws an obstacle at you. Our job is to provide you with all the answers so that all you have to do is follow the instructions.

These are five of the reasons our clients tell us why they chose to join Gritton’s Training System for their Personal Training service. These are also five of the reasons why so many people have chosen to remain our personal training clients for so many years.

In Your Health;
Jeremy Gritton
Owner/ Peachtree City’s Premier Personal Training Studio