Bridge the Gap Between Right Now and What You Really Want

Do you know what you want to accomplish, do you know your goal weight, strength needs and what you want your body to look like, but don’t know how to bridge the gap between where you’re at and the goals you have. That gap can seem like the Grand Canyon if you don’t know the right action steps. This can have you feeling like you will never reach & maintain your goals. If you will stay with me, I can show you how to fix all that.

You and I are living in a time and place that offers more gyms, more fitness magazines filled with insider secrets, personal trainers, crossfit facilities and resources than ever before. Yet, most everyone has yet to tap into their full potential and reach their health and fitness goals. I’m not cool with that, are you?


Have you ever felt like you’ve gotten really close to your big goal, maybe even reached that goal but failed to maintain it? Perhaps you’ve felt like you’re constantly chasing your potential, getting closer and closer but every-time you scroll on Facebook you see people who “must” have it figured out and suddenly you feel further away than ever! Their posts and their before and after pictures are amazing, what do they know that you don’t know?

I call this the Canyon Effect. Meaning you see the body and the life you want on the other side yet you feel stuck. You know what you want, but you don’t know exactly whats needed to bridge the gap and cross that canyon.

Here are the four most common mistakes I see,
*Frustration over lack of progress. I know I know, we want it NOW.
*Spending too much time thinking about the actions we should be taking to create the results we desire but then we don’t take those actions. Otherwise known as Analysis Paralysis
* Thinking that the first few days of the new habit are how the habit will be forever, these 7-10 days are short term and with a proper plan it will move from Unbearable to Uncomfortable to UNSTOPPABLE!
*Trying to do it all alone. Finding a workout friend, accountability partner or a coach increases your chances for success by over 300%.

The Canyon varies in size from person to person. Whatever the case is for you (driving the golf ball further than your buddies, running faster and easier than your girlfriends or being strong enough to get down on the floor and play with your grand-kids), know that you can absolutely positively bridge the gap and start living up to your full potential.

I can assure you through my own transformative journey- from the depths of making excuses about life being too busy and too demanding to almost instantly obtaining decade long goals that I almost never thought possible – your commitment to this daily development is going to be instrumental in your own transformation.

Time to Reach your 20x Potential

As a mentor of mine would say (Mark Divine/ “You are capable of 20x more than what you think you can do”. Another reason people don’t bridge the gap of the canyon is they feel Overwhelmed and Overrun by the day-2-day schedule and demands.

Stop allowing current life situations to eat up all your time and energy needed to work on your dreams and aspirations. The actions that are more important WILL get done, and we can help you, right here in this very moment you can make the same choice that I made. In order to save your life from one of mediocrity and become what we call GTS Strong (mentally and physically strong enough do anything in life that brings you joy) I only need 6 weeks from you.

The other side of your life, the 20x side, the side void of regret and blah can be yours. Are you ready?

If so, Email Kari, to begin construction of the bridge that leads to the most extraordinary life you’ve ever imagined.

I can’t wait to hear your success story.

Your Coach

Jeremy Gritton
Owner, Gritton’s Training System

P.S. Be sure to ask Kari about the “early bird” special when you email her.

Cucumber Hummus Bites


  • 1 english cucumber, washed and sliced into rounds
  • 6 ounces hummus of choice
  • 1 large ripe avocado, diced into 1/2 inch chunks
  • 1-2 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • fresh black pepper (optional)


Lay cucumber slices flat, season with sea salt and top each one with a tsp of hummus, top with avocado and sprinkle with sesame seeds and paprika. Serve cold!